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    12 products

    Spirit of Kings: Perfumes that Combine English Art with Spanish Roots

    Spirit of Kings is an exclusive, international luxury brand inspired by the rich artistic tradition supported by English royalty, with roots in Spain. This luxury perfume brand is like a young man with an ancient spirit, celebrating history in a modern way.

    Immerse yourself in a sensorial experience that captures the essence of a noble past, combined with contemporary freshness and style.

    With premium materials and thoughtful design, Spirit of Kings takes you on a journey through the majesty of history, wrapped in international luxury that embraces English roots and Spanish inspiration.

    The Olfactory Talent: The Creator behind the Spirit of Kings Fragrances

    The nose behind the exclusive Spirit Of Kings fragrances is Christian Provenzano, a world-renowned expert perfumer with more than fifty years of experience in the fragrance industry. His scented creations have contributed to the success of numerous high-quality perfume brands around the world.

    His passion for fragrances comes from an in-depth knowledge of the ingredients used in perfumery and his extraordinary ability to mix them precisely to create unique and unforgettable olfactory experiences. His experience is reflected in the fact that he has successfully worked with many prestigious brands over the years.

    His work is like an art, which expertly combines smells to create sensations that are imprinted in the memory. His fragrances are not just perfumes, but real sensorial stories that capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression. He knows every nuance of perfume, and this translates into creations that are authentic works of art, bringing with them a touch of elegance and refinement in each bottle.

    Explore the Best Spirit Of Kings Collections

    Zhor Parfums boasts four exceptional collections in its catalogue, each with different notes and high quality ingredients:

    The Green - "The Wisdom"

    The "The Wisdom" Collection paints a suggestive scenario: a majestic fruit tree that develops from ancient books and tomes, evoking the powerful symbolism of the importance of wisdom passed down through generations.

    This image not only celebrates the concept of wisdom, but also the idea that knowledge and experience accumulate like the fruit of a thriving tree, ripening with the passage of time.

    It embodies the timeless concept that the cultural and intellectual baggage of the past is the fundamental root from which a deeper understanding of the present and future can germinate.

    Savor the scent of wisdom with Notion , Perception and Elevation scents.

    The Red - "The Compassion"

    “The Compassion” is a fascinating visual representation of one candle lighting another, inspired by the wise Chinese proverb: “ It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. ” This series embodies the powerful concept that light, a metaphor for hope and positivity, can dispel the darkness that surrounds us.

    Imagine the scene: a candle, a symbol of light and illumination, transmits its heat and radiance to another candle, creating a domino effect of brightness. This is not only a gesture of physical enlightenment, but also a symbolic reminder of the idea that, in difficult or dark situations, it is more constructive to do something positive rather than focus on the negative.

    Each illustration in this series tells the story of how a seemingly small act, like lighting a candle, can have a significant impact in dispelling darkness, offering a message of hope and positive change. The collection invites us to reflect on how we can be sources of light in the darkest situations.

    Explore "The Compassion" with the fragrances Harmony , Mercy and Affinity .

    The Blue - "The Justice"

    “The Justice” is an evocative visual representation of a poised barbell, set against a background that transitions between day and night. This powerful image embodies the concept of immutable and borderless justice.

    Imagine this scene: a barbell, a timeless symbol of fairness, suspended between the light of day and the darkness of night. This is not just a visual reminder, but a tangible symbol of the persistence of justice regardless of temporal context.

    Each element of the collection tells the story of a balance that remains constant, regardless of the fluctuations of time.

    Day and night act as a frame to underline the continuity and absoluteness of justice. “The Justice” invites reflection on the eternal nature of a fundamental principle, offering a visual perspective on how justice, like the balance wheel itself, persists indomitable through every temporal variation.

    Immerse yourself in the pleasure of justice with Virtue , Honor and Verity perfumes.

    The Purple - "The Guardianship"

    “The Guardianship” Collection presents a fascinating image: a majestic sentry standing atop a medieval turret, drawing a bow and arrow with concentrated anticipation, in anticipation of a possible nighttime ambush.

    This illustration not only captures the essence of a watchful protector, but also evokes a sense of impending adventure and mystery. The medieval atmosphere adds a touch of nostalgia, suggesting a time when the night watchman was the first line of defense against the unknown.

    It invites us to explore not only the beauty of art, but also the timeless role of those charged with protecting what is precious.

    Feel yourself enveloped by the philosophy of "The Guardianship" with the Allegiance , Fidelity and Loyalty perfumes.