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    12 products
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    Bois 1920 Perfumes, Florentine master craftsmen

    Bois 1920 is a Florentine brand of handmade perfumes that reflects the love for the art of perfumery passed down for generations in the Galardi family. A love that animates, involves and precisely enriches the range, which today includes over 30 essences. The selection of raw materials combines tradition and innovation, creating a balance of unique and fascinating olfactory compositions.

    In the 1920s, in Florence, Guido Galardi began experimenting with the first formulas in his artisan workshop. He collects the lavender that grows in the fields of the hills near the city. His investigation adopts various expressive accords: aromatic oils, odorous mixtures, scented sachets.

    Characteristics that inspire and define the BOIS 1920 brand, which gains prestige in Italy and around the world with industry recognition. In 2012, the Bois 1920 perfume was chosen as one of the five best fragrances at the Oscars of the perfume world, the FiFi Awards in New York.

    Today Bois 1920 is important in the niche perfumery sector. They are precursors of new fragrances that engage and inspire our senses.

    The philosophy of the Bois 1920 brand

    Each creation is a unique art, born from an ancient perfume culture, using exceptional raw materials to create precious and original versions.

    Perfumes characterized by the greater valorisation of the olfactory personality of the essences, designed to be long-lasting.


    It is the vital spirit of the brand, what distinguishes it, characterizes it and makes it unique.


    All Bois 1920 perfumes are the result of careful study, intertwined ideas and imaginations, materialization of concepts and programming.


    Based on these fundamental premises, each element that composes, distinguishes and gives unique characteristics to the final product must be considered as a work of art in its own right.

    Bois 1920 Perfumes, Elite Collection

    Bois 1920 perfumes are famous for its dedication to creating high quality fragrances. Now, the brand presents a new collection of perfumes of the highest value. The elegant and minimalist bottles contain these precious essences. Each bottle has the logo engraved on the front, made by master glassmakers, and a 24-karat gold cap, making each perfume a precious jewel.

    There are four fragrances in this collection:

    • Elite I , with a fresh scent of lemon and mandarin, is the first step towards an intense, enveloping and energetic composition. This superb fragrance then develops into a symphony of marine notes. The base stands out for its tonicity, enriched with accents of sandalwood and tonka bean.
    • Elite II presents an olfactory pyramid of timeless elegance, which maintains its refined softness throughout its entire evolution. The delicacy of the Rose blends harmoniously with the notes of White Flowers, Amber and Precious Woods. This fragrance offers a refined lightness that captures the imagination with an enveloping charm.
    • Elite III , perfume with a mystical, magnetic, mysterious fragrance. A complex perfume with notes of Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouly and Incense. A timeless journey that evokes past memories.
    • Elite IV is an enveloping and intense fragrance, a spark of passion full of creativity and sensations. The entire evolution, characterized by a deep amber accord, conceals an enigmatic heart, at times creamy and fascinating thanks to the masterful combination of Honey, Iris and Tobacco

    Bois 1920 Perfumes, Gold Collection

    Three new and fascinating creations join the already established olfactory masterpieces Oro 1920 and Oro Nero in the Bois 1920 collection. On the one hand, there is the elegance of Oro Rosa and Oro Bianco , on the other, the enveloping sensuality of Oro Rosso . These three fragrances highlight the maximum expressive intensity of perfumery, guaranteeing unalterable persistence over time.

    Discover the best fragrances of the Florentine brand

    Come and visit us in the boutique in via Monte Napoleone, 14 in Milan or buy from our online site so as not to miss this incredible olfactory experience with Bois 1920 perfumes!