• Headnote: Ambergris, Musk, Pheromone

  • Heart note: Ambergris, Tahitian Vanilla, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley

  • Footnote: Ambergris, Oud, Musk, Madagascar Vanilla, Pheromone

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This fragrance comes from a memorable journey to the Eternal City: Rome, the capital of the world since ancient times. A magical place that captivates in a whirlwind of emotions and scents, full of beauties and wonders that still know how to take the breath away from the wandering visitor. On a warm late summer evening, walking on the millennial pavement of the Imperial Forums in the direction of the Colosseum, enveloped in the inebriating beauty of one of the eternal cities, one of the oldest in the world, rich in history and legends, we came across a group of actors seated around a small bonfire. They were staging a comedy dedicated to the mask of Dionysius, an enigmatic and bewitching, irreverent and audacious divinity, capable of making fun of every order and convention. Exuberant and unconventional, like this perfume, it shocked consciences, crumbled principles and inhibitions, bringing men back to their state of primordial purity in a delirious vortex. The essence of ecstasy, inebriation and liberation of the senses, as a perpetual engine of life and its flow, that is, existence understood in an absolute sense, the frenetic current of life that pervades everything. Dionisio absolutely embodies both male and female nature, an effect of contradiction and tension, amalgamating both divine and animalistic nature, both the tragic and comic spirit. A mystical delirium ignited by the primordial and instinctive spark present in every living being that sometimes remains dormant but never completely suffocated in each of us. With this precious essence, this spark can become lightning and ignite the irrepressible spirit of life that dwells in us. The creation embodies this enigmatic spirit of the absolute, emphasizing the contradictions expressed in the delirium of joy. It opens with a decisive and marked note of very rare Ambergris surrounded by very ancient Musk which releases the precious pheromone of seduction, to then slide persuasively and quickly towards the heart of the creation, a powerful tool of attraction, accentuated again by Ambergris sweetened by the notes of Vanilla from Tahiti and enriched by the hypnotic power of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. The entire work is based on powerful and seductive base notes as the only structure connected to its head by the pressing Ambergris combined with Musk, solidly linked to the precious black Oudh and Vanilla from Madagascar combined with the pheromone of attraction that will leave no way out let no one have the pleasure of crossing your trail of seduction and joy. A collection of exclusive essences, priceless and limited to a few copies a year, intended for lovers of beauty and refinement, with a soul ready to experience the emotion of life with the courage of success and unparalleled inner strength. A perfume for the privileged few who know how to appreciate being unique and unconventional. A drop of liquid emotion for a divine nectar.

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