• Headnote: Vanilla, Licorice

  • Heart note: Vanilla, Caramel, Jasmine

  • Footnote: Vanilla, Davana, Chestnut Cream

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The perfume "Annone di Pantheon Roma" is an extraordinary fragrance that captures the essence of the eternal city.

With a base of aromatic notes rich in history, Annone perfume transports the wearer on a sensorial journey through the centuries of Roman splendor.

The woody and spicy notes evoke the ancient grandeur of Rome, while the floral and citrus accents add freshness and vitality. A unique olfactory experience that combines tradition and modernity, enveloping anyone who wears it in an aura of mystery and charm.

The "Annone di Pantheon Roma" perfume is a tribute to the history and timeless beauty of this fascinating city, creating a perfect union between the ancient and the contemporary.

A real journey through the soul of Rome, enclosed in a fragrance that enchants the senses and enchants the soul.

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