Pantheon Roma

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    15 products
    Profumo Annone Pantheon Roma 50 ml
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    Aurea Profumo 50 ml Pantheon Roma
    Aurea Profumo 50 ml Pantheon Rom
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    Pantheon Roma, Renaissance Perfumes Made in Italy

    The "Pantheon Roma" perfumes are an olfactory homage to Italian art and elegance, with clear influences from the Italian Renaissance. This exclusive collection captures the essence of Italy through sophisticated research conducted by renowned perfumers. The perfume extracts, available in 50 ml or 100 ml format, feature classic and refined packaging.

    The reference to the Roman Pantheon is evident both in the circular packaging, recalling the famous temple dedicated to the gods, and in the complex and imposing structure. This monument, known as the "temple of all the gods," is located in the heart of Rome, in the Pigna district, in the historic center. It was originally conceived by Marcus Agrippa, son-in-law of the emperor Augustus, and then expertly rebuilt by Hadrian.

    Pantheon Roma Italian perfumes for lovers of niche fragrances

    The "Pantheon Roma" perfume collection is the result of careful and passionate research in the world of international artistic perfumery. These Italian perfumes are much loved by enthusiasts all over the world. Zhor Parfums, a leading niche perfume retailer, will give you an incredible olfactory experience. The purity and persistence of the fragrances stand out thanks to the high concentration of the aromatic bases inside the luxurious bottles.

    Pantheon Roma Profumi is inspired by the beauties of Rome

    The "Pantheon Roma" perfumes are inspired by Rome. They are called Raffaello, Donna Margherita, Il Giardino, Notte d'amore, Trastevere, Dolce Passione, So Blu, Annone, Z. These fragrances are unique. They have notes that stimulate the imagination. For example, “ Raffaello ” is a unisex perfume that sports notes of absinthe, leather and woods, while “ Donna Margherita ” is warm and sensual.

    " Il Giardino " offers a delicate and refined bouquet of flowers. " Notte d'amore " is passionate and seductive, while " Trastevere " is an intriguing perfume with notes of davana, chestnut cream, jasmine and vanilla.

    " Dolce Passione " is an intense fragrance that appeals to the senses with notes of truffle, honey, tonka bean, vanilla and dark chocolate. " Coso Blu " captures the mysticism of Italian Renaissance art, " Annone " is an oriental perfume inspired by the story of the white elephant.

    Finally " Z ", the perfume created exclusively by the brand for our perfumery, an enveloping, deep and mysterious fragrance. A perfect blend between Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tastes, just like the concept of the prestigious Milanese boutique.

    Explore the Pantheon Roma perfume collection

    Discover the "Pantheon Roma" perfume collection with ZHOR PARFUMS and find the fragrance that best expresses your unique and unparalleled personality.