• Headnote: Cashmere Wood, Cotton Candy

  • Heart note: Patchouli, Cipriol

  • Footnote: Musk, Oud

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Terroni is a southern perfume, intense, perfect for both her and him.
The luxury fragrance with musky aromas recalls volcanoes, Vesuvius par excellence.
Among the big brands, Terroni di Orto Parisi stands out for its exclusive essences dominated by an incandescent character like the Vesuvian lava.
The important fragrance brings warm and persistent notes to the nose for a long-lasting sensation.
The Earth belongs to the woman but also to the man who oozes vitality like the fertile fields around Vesuvius.
A unique Eau de toilette, as refined as it is with character, the unisex perfume can only arouse emotions.
Passion, spices, musky wood are constant in the selection of Alessandro Gualtieri must-haves: we are talking about unique ingredients in the world of Italian perfumery.
Just as the sun caresses the Vesuvian land, this fragrance caresses your skin as strongly as it is imperceptible. The beauty of nature combined with the power of volcanic lava make the wearer of the made in the south eau de parfum fascinating to say the least. The love for one's land, the magnetism, the warmth make Orto Parisi Terroni a unique product in the fragrance market.
It is no coincidence that in Terroni perfumery it is a must. It all begins with a great explosion, the incandescent lava of volcanoes liquefies the surface of the world and forms its rough crust.
Since then life and life have not ceased, a hint of earth is enough in the hands to know that they belong to it.
And if the light of the self is the original burst, of the monstrous beauty root and passion, the character of the earth bursts forth from a little place.

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