• Headnote: Coriander

  • Heart note: Jasmine, Rose

  • Footnote: Benzoin, amber, vanilla, musk, oud, patchouli

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In the kaleidoscopic realm of the brand, purple emerges as the enchantment that combines the emotion of red and the clarity of blue, uniting heart and mind in a chromatic symphony.

In the epic painting from the Guardianship collection, the illustration takes us to a night shrouded in mystery. A sentry, atop a medieval tower, holds a bow and arrow, vigilant in anticipation of a nighttime ambush. The scene comes alive as an ode to defense, to the attentive waiting of those who, with strength and determination, protect what is precious.

This is just the beginning, as the five new collections reveal the immersive theme of the "Spirit of Kings". Beyond luxuries and achievements, it is the essence of character that shines. Through the ages, the eternal value of Strength, Wisdom, Defense, Justice and Compassion has shaped the stories of those who reign with nobility.

Thus, in a fresco of princes, the collections celebrate male kings and female queens. Purple, in every fragrance and illustration, becomes the herald of a magnificence imbued with strength, wisdom and the loving defense of what is right. A fragrant celebration of character, an olfactory declaration of a regal spirit that spans the eras.

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