• Headnote: Amber

  • Heart note: Amber, hedione, caramel

  • Footnote: Cedar wood, ambergris, musk, vanilla

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Let's immerse ourselves in the enveloping atmosphere of "Mercy", the unisex fragrance from the Compassion line, where red becomes the guardian of emotions and sentimentality, an olfactory ode to compassion.

The illustration that accompanies this essence is a visual poem: a candle that, with kindness, passes its heat to another. This painting is inspired by the profound Chinese proverb "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness". Here, the image becomes a promise, a declaration of hope that shines in the dark.

In every drop of "Mercy", there is an invitation to share the light of kindness. Red, full of meaning, becomes the bridge between emotions and the promise of shared warmth. Like the flame that dances from one candle to another, this fragrance is a celebration of a loving gesture, of a compassion that lights the way in the darkest nights.

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