• Headnote: Bergamot, saffron, cloves

  • Heart note: Rose, fig, lily of the valley

  • Footnote: Amber, incense, oud

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In the vast symbolic ocean, blue stands as the calm of lucidity and rationality, a serene sky that embraces mental clarity.

Through the Justice Collection, the illustration transports us to a place where a ladder extends between night and day, a symbol of the immutable and limitless nature of justice. Each step, a step towards the equal scale, revealing that justice, like the endless sky, is constant and universal.

This is just one of the magnificent paintings that make up the five new collections, all intertwined with the "Spirit of Kings". In addition to luxuries and achievements, the heart of this spirit lies in the intrinsic qualities of character. Through the ages, blue becomes the tranquil river that connects strength, wisdom, guardianship, justice and compassion.

In every fragrance and illustration, blue is the essence of a regal spirit that celebrates universal principles, such as justice, which stands like an endless ladder at the heart of the stories of men kings and women queens.

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