• Headnote: Nutmeg, Elemi, Dried Fruit, Rum

  • Heart note: Patchouli, Frankincense, Incense, Tobacco, Vetiver

  • Footnote: Vanilla, Leather, Oud, Agarwood

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The story of this perfume was born around Lake Como. A body of water that has always fascinated us because it is so deep that it far exceeds the sea where we live, yet circumscribed in a spectacular mountainous setting. In fact, the lake is located in a basin surrounded by mountains full of woods and offers a landscape with the most varied and fragrant aspects. Along its banks, pastures, woods, rugged and imposing rocks, picturesque villages overlooking the water and beautiful villas with parks and gardens alternate. The center of the lake, where the three branches meet, is the point with the mildest climate and the widest panorama. We loved reaching this water crossroads by boat to enjoy the best view of the entire promontory of Bellagio, of the northern Grigna which dominates the Valsassina and, on clear days, of the high basin with the Alpine chain in the background. The most familiar and loved place has always been the branch of Lecco which offers a harsher and more suggestive panorama, with the southern Grigna, of dolomitic origin, and the Corni di Canzo which, descending towards the lake, form suggestive coves and inlets. Our favorite retreat was the Fiumelatte spring, described by Leonardo da Vinci. This torrent that had intrigued Leonardo da Vinci, had bewitched us children for its unique peculiarity in the world: water flows in the torrent with its regular intermittence from 25 March until 7 October. The water comes out of a mysterious cave full of scents that verbalizing would be impossible as well as simplistic. A place where the perfumer's alchemy came to life before anywhere else. The very rock of the cave smelled sweet. Once past the vault from where the stream flows only at certain intervals, here is its bed which appears as a true lunar landscape wrapped in the cosmic darkness of a place where natural light never filters.

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