Spirito fiorentino
  • Headnote: Lily, Orange, Jasmine, Saffron

  • Heart note: Ylang-Ylang, Magnolia, Amber, Lilac

  • Footnote: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Birch, Musk, Amber

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One of the most fascinating cities of the Bel Paese (Italy) is the extraordinary Florence, rich in history, traditions and beauties, expressed among the alleys of the city and the breathtaking monuments that compose it. Every single stone or brick of the historic buildings oozes with stories and legends, captivating the visitor from the first moment. On a magical September night Paolo and Tiziana are in Florence for a trip with the whole family and grandparents to discover this enchanting Renaissance city! Florence is a magical city capable of immediately enveloping and enrapturing in a whirlwind of emotions and contradictions. The sense of beauty belongs to this place in an absolute and unique way and there is no other city in the world that can compete with it for the pulsating beauty of its history that envelops visitors like a precious cloak! During the evening walks Paolo and Tiziana, hand in hand with their beloved grandfather Guglielmo, are enraptured by the unique beauty of the immeasurable works of art, enriched with wonders that adjectives are not enough to describe their power, such as the perfection of Michelangelo's David, the Brunelleschi's dome or Giotto's bell tower! Climbing right up the impervious and long stairway made up of over 400 steps of this tower which overlooks the entire city, like the most suggestive terrace of the Italian Renaissance, Paolo and Tiziana overlook the beauties of Florence. Their childish eyes are lost in wonder and amazement, while their grandfather wisely tells the stories hidden behind the artists who have made Florence unique. Suddenly, in a cobalt blue sky illuminated by brilliant stars, an immense Red Moon rises, capable of coloring the celestial vault with its fiery pallor. The air is filled with intense perfumes, magical scents emphasized by the Palaces of the city of the Purple Giglio, which wrap Paolo and Tiziana like a warm cloak, while in the distance on the banks of the Arno river tall bonfires burn under the Ponte Vecchio, while the tanneries of Tuscan leather reverberates the echo of this essence. Suddenly the two children are inebriated by the unforgettable essence of the Florentine Spirit, today enclosed in this precious red ampoule, like the red was the magical Moon, capable of activating beneficial spells and bestowing luck on those who know how to admire and understand it. Even this creation, like the Florentine Spirit, takes time and expert noses to be understood, because just like Florence, it is not revealed to everyone and only the chosen few will be able to fully enjoy its beauty. The essence opens with a graceful bouquet of flowers where the Purple Lily (symbol of Florence) and Jasmine emerge, embraced by the power of Italian Saffron and the freshness of oranges. The very rich and precious head, but at the same time extremely refined and gentle, rests on a very intense and precious heart, capable of making this dreamlike journey unforgettable. Here emerges the elegance of Ylang Ylang combined with the refined seduction of Magnolia, both emphasized by the very rare and aphrodisiac Ambergris embraced by the ethereal sweetness of white Lily of the Valley. The entire creation is based on a base of precious and unique woods, just like in the best Tuscan tradition, where we find together with the precious Sandalwood, Birch and Musk from the Terenzi Bookshop, the impregnating strength of Tuscan Leather, embraced by Oakmoss always from the apennines of these enchanted places. In this precious cruet with a red color like passion, we find enclosed the emotion of the thrill that only Florence, in its eternal beauty, can give. The Florentine Spirit is jealously enclosed in this creation, which will fully reveal itself to the only chosen and privileged people who will have the spirit to fully understand it.

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