• Headnote: Leather, Cypress and Juniper

  • Heart note: Incense, Iris, Myrrh and Patchouli

  • Footnote: Honey, Amber, Sandalwood and Musk

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The creation is inspired by Tuscany and specifically by one of the most beautiful, complex and mysterious cities of this land that never ceases to amaze and offer wonder to those who visit it and those who smell it. During a journey to discover the beauties of Italy and above all the wonders of Tuscany, we arrived in one of the oldest and most important cities of the Renaissance, Siena, still today this place seems to carry the lineage of the Medici dynasty. The city of the oldest Palio in the world and which still pulsates with its horses as proud and impetuous as the wind, with its desire to win against time and modernity, its superb arrogance to resist modernity and progress, but at the at the same time to be innovative and visionary, with the regal decadence that knows how to fascinate without escape for anyone who observes it. A countryside made of ferrous and red lands, generous like the inhabitants who populate them, hard as life on the crest of hills that know how to give so much but also take away everything if you don't have the courage to live fully with its rules. Here in the valley the perfumes and scents become intense, the strong and sour smells of the wild but gentle nature announce you even if you had not realized it before, that you are in Tuscany and the fire burns strongly on the hill, brightening the evening . This creation takes time to understand; it does not reveal itself easily to anyone, so take time, a lot of time, to understand its acrobatic vertigo, because the challenge will be difficult even for the most expert noses. We are facing the most complex and unique artistic expression. The composition opens with notes of juniper combined with cypress, a typical and symbolic plant of Tuscany combined with the characteristic scent of centenary olive trees, and then reflected in the poplar bark of the Tuscan forest. The complex and rare head to be composed of woods that are normally found in the base, at the foundation of the structure of the perfume, lies heavy and cumbersome on an even more complex bed, which disorients even the most prepared and expert noses, where patchouli echoes red of India mixed with the mysticism of frankincense and myrrh in strong counterpoint with Tuscan leather. Such a complex and unique construction requires an even more complex base capable of supporting such an articulated and irreverent olfactory pyramid, dedicated only to those who have the soul to fully understand it. Here the base opens with the sour sweetness of Tuscan acacia honey, combined with the sweating strength of the “magical drop Terenzi” made of ambergris, musk and…. skilfully mixed with the strength of sandalwood from India and Oudh from Cambodia, in order to ensure persistence and a trail until the next day. Dedicated to one of the cities we have ever had the good fortune to visit and where the fire of tradition and history still burns strongly in the hearts of chosen souls, ready to fully understand its beauty. Siena is not just a city to live in, but it is above all a lifestyle to be inspired by to be truly alive!

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