Queen of the night

Queen of the night

Queen of the night

  • Headnote: blue Lotus, Saffron, Cinnamon peel

  • Heart note: Kyphi accord, Somali incense, Amber

  • Footnote: Sandalwood essential oil, Myrrh, Tonka bean absolute

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In 2023 The Merchant of Venice presents Queen of the Night, a new Eau de Parfum
Exclusive and luxurious concentration inspired by the splendor and wonders of Ancient Egypt.
Queen of The Night is an opulent and singular fragrance capable of taking the wearer on a mystical journey among the characteristic scents of Ancient Egypt that permeated the air of the great
palaces of the pharaohs.
The rich decoration of the bottle takes inspiration from a precious jewel, part of the treasure of the warrior queen Amanishaketo. At the center of the bracelet there is the Goddess Nut, goddess of the sky and protector of the cosmos, also depicted on the pendant that embellishes the bottle, among the shades of blue, gold and red, colors sought after both in the tradition of ancient Egypt, both in Venetian symbolism, being associated with the doges and the nobility. The Goddess Nur is also represented in the vault of the tomb of Sechi I, which was discovered by Giovanni Battista Belzoni, a great Venetian explorer who successfully completed hitherto impossible feats and expeditions in Egypt on behalf of the British general, Henry Salt.
Queen of the Night is a true homage to the Egyptian art of perfumes and aromas. The Ancient Egyptians' custom of creating essences dates back to 4,000 BC and even the deities, worshiped in the temples, had a perfume dedicated to them. This testifies to how fragrances were in fact an intermediary between man and the sky.
The Egyptian civilization was the cradle of perfumery in the ancient world, extending its influence as far as Asia and boasting important legacies such as archaeological finds inherent to the art of perfumery of inestimable value.
Inextricably linked, perfume and Egyptian civilization are celebrated in this new fragrance
The Merchant of Venice. The sensorial experience offered leads the consumer into a lost and timeless environment, capable of recalling ancient olfactory suggestions.

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