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  • Footnote: Saffron, Taifi Rose, Plum, Ambergris, Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Beans.

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THE HISTORY: Also known as the "Eye of the Idol," this large (43.83 carat) brilliant blue diamond was mined in India in the 15th century and was originally the third eye of the deity at the Shiva Temple in Nassak.
The British East India Company acquired the gem and sold it to the British jeweler Rundell and Bridge in 1818, when it was re-cut for the handle of the 1st Marquess of Westminster's sword.
American jeweler Harry Winston transformed the diamond into its current exquisite emerald form in 1940, and the Nasak diamond has since been sold to an American trucking magnate in 1970 for £500,000 and is said to be currently owned by Robert Mouawad .

THE FRAGRANCE: The fragrance opens with a brilliant, luminous and opulent combination of Taif rose and saffron, warm and iridescent - the ultimate extravagance.
This blends harmoniously into a brilliant heart of plum – the bitter sweetness creating the perfect balance for the brilliance of cedar and sandalwood.
At the base, a golden triumvirate of vanilla, tonka bean and musk gives way to the purest echo of ambergris.

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