• Headnote: Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit, Star Anise, Absinthe, Green Tea

  • Heart note: Jasmine, Iris, Fig, Orange Blossom, Bulgarian Rose

  • Footnote: Sandalwood, Vanilla Flower, Vanilla Pod, Ambergris, Heliotrope, Musk

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On a particularly dark and cold night in late winter close to early spring, Paolo and Tiziana were in Palermo with their grandfather Guglielmo and the whole family. In the city the celebrations for the Solstice festival were being prepared and all the people were animated by that confident euphoria that precedes great events, full of expectations and confident for the blessing of the new harvest resulting from the hard work in the fields. Luck, they said, was coming into their lives and so the darkness was lit up with fires and the streets with flowers with hypnotic colors and scents. The sky was blacker than black and a light mist hid the steps of the boys who ventured into the alleys surrounded by Baroque palaces to see the bonfires that were burning, illuminating the valley with very high tongues of fire. The crackling of these high fires broke the almost unreal silence that had been created all around the city. The grandfather begins to indicate a constellation suspended in the sky which is not always visible except on particularly dark nights. Even in these rare cases, the beautiful and very rare stars that make it up show themselves only to truly expert and patient eyes who know how to wait and recognize, just as happens when choosing an artistic perfume which is revealed only to true connoisseurs who have the knowledge and the soul to understand it! The celestial vault looked like a black cloak that enveloped and swallowed up the entire milky way, but Guglielmo skillfully began to indicate the luminous dots which at first seemed distant but by staring at them intensely one could see more and more and more and more beautiful and mysterious. Lince is in fact famous for being a constellation full of double and pulsating stars, like a beacon in the night it sends signals to wayfarers and dreamers. Wrapped in this dark sky, the scents of the flowers arranged in the streets for the party echoed luxuriantly and hypnotically, enrapturing the two children on a dreamlike journey on the wings of the hippogriff that had lived right here in Sicily! Following in the footsteps of the winged horse and its deeds that inspired the entire Luna collection, we discover this wonderful creation that opens with the freshness of Sicilian citrus fruits where bergamot and orange emerge, emphasized by grapefruit embraced by the hypnotic strength of absinthe, enhanced by the unusual touch of star anise and green tea! The heart that arrives in a quick beat after the sparkling top opens with sweet scents of flowers with a seductive and sensual scent where the precious Jasmine Absolute stands out among the others with Bulgarian Rose and royal Iris on the carpet of typical local fruits such as fig and Neroli. The structure then holds its strength on a persuasive and intense base with a seductive flavor where the sweetness of precious vanillas emerges combined with Indian sandalwood and unobtainable musk from the Terenzi library. This precious elixir of seduction is further enriched with fatal power thanks to the hypnotic force of heliotrope combined with musk and ambergris. A drop of liquid seduction inspired by the beautiful Sicily.

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