Laudano nero

Laudano nero

Laudano nero

  • Headnote: Absinthe, Cognac, Rosemary, Latakia Tobacco, Myrtle, Black Amber

  • Heart note: Red Rose, Acacia Honey, Cedar Wood, Iris, Sandalwood, Rosemary, Manna Ash, Slate, Cashmere, Laurus Camphora

  • Footnote: Incense, Oud, Vetiver, Musk, Oak, Madagascar Vanilla, Laurel, Caper, Labdanum

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The most bohemian stage of this unforgettable journey is the mythical Paris during a rainy autumn day, but warm with the wind sinuous colours, mixed as in Renoir's painting. The smell of the rain that beats on the slate roof mixes with the softly lit stone streets. A small fire at a Montmartre crossroads warms musicians and acrobats who await tourists after the rain. The magical atmosphere is imbued with precious and rare perfumes that echo the mysterious art of a timeless place. One of the most complex and structured perfumes in the collection, where all the pleasant nonconformist notes are enclosed. An uncompromising creation, just like the bohemian, heedless of the thoughts of others and with a strong personality. A creation that can be worn and above all understood only by those who truly have a spirit free from any conditioning, from any stylistic conformity. Its uniqueness is perceived right from the start, with an unusual explosion of camphor that stuns like a glass of absinthe drunk in an instant, a strong counterpoint to the swelling of laudanum and cognac, grafted on the strength of precious woods, brought to the absolute by unobtainable resins, reflected in turn in the smell of slate and laurel, all emphasized by the fire of the wet street. A solid black bottle like stone building that captures the essence of artistic madness and not confined by any style bias.

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