• Headnote: Tahitian Vanilla, Almonds, Iris, Mandarin, Lemon

  • Heart note: Lemon, Violet, White Lily, Petit-Grain

  • Footnote: Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Iris Root, Musk, Amber

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At the end of a hot and always sunny summer, in the month of September (September 6, 1978) Paolo and Tiziana encountered the Black Moon for the first time, a particular eclipse that occurs every 32 months in the celestial cosmos, but which has always frightens the people. They walked, as often happened in that carefree period, together with their grandfather Guglielmo through the lush hills of our land. The air had become more crisp, but still full of the fragrant reverberations, created by the luxuriant nature when the sap of life crosses it. The cosmic phenomenon frightened them terribly, as if the darkness had swallowed their dear friend Luna. Amazement, mixed with fear of the unknown, was reproduced on their faces of naive children. The grandfather immediately understood their state of mind and with a reassuring smile invited them to sit under a large oak tree which was a few meters from them. In silence, with a calm and wise air, he lit a small bonfire and sat down between Paolo and Tiziana, squeezing them tightly in a warm and loving embrace, sweet but vigorous, gentle and at the same time protective as only true and pure love knows to donate. Eclix was born from that unforgettable emotion, the fragrance of the Black Moon and reassuring love. A new creation that joins the Luna Collection, where the fairy-tale element of memory always emerges decisively, to explore the borderline between memory and fantasy, between magic and reality. Like that warm embrace, the work, enclosed in an inscrutable black bottle with a jewel cap, opens and envelops the wearer with the sweetness of the precious vanillas of Tahiti intertwined with the counterpoint of almonds and citrus fruits of Sorrento lemons and tangerines of Calabria. The notes of Iris enrich this top bouquet with the regal allure of the well-known flower of kings, to then settle down on the petals of violet, white lily and the rural elegance of the petigrain. This strong embrace, warm like a large cashmere scarf, but at the same time fresh like a spring breeze due to its touch of goodness in its soul, bases the entire structure and gathers its vigor from the woods that make up its structure basically. Precious and rare woods, just as rare as the phenomenon of the Black Moon and how rare and precious to meet an embrace that knows how to give you love. Here we perceive the precious scents of Sandalwood, the long-lasting power of cedar wood mixed with the very rare roots of Iris, emphasized by very rare Musk & Amber macerated for over 30 years, part of the private collection of the Terenzi family.

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