Heart Limited Edition

Heart Limited Edition

Heart Limited Edition

  • Headnote: Lily of the valley, Amber, Leather

  • Heart note: Tonka bean, raspberry, leather

  • Footnote: Vanilla, sweet notes, musk

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Cuorio di Jupilò presents itself as a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of virility and determination, a tribute to the indomitable passion and commitment that forge character in the most challenging contexts. This perfume is an autobiographical chapter of its creator, Lorenzo Zaccheo, a Roman lawyer from a bourgeois family with an unusual passion for boxing. Through the years spent in the ring, Lorenzo has found a unique balance between the discipline of boxing and his legal profession, a dualism that Cuorio masterfully encapsulates in his olfactory accents.

Leather, the central element of the fragrance, symbolizes tenacity and resilience, evoking the penetrating smell of gloves and the ring that soaks into the skin, leaving an indelible mark, almost like a tattoo, which persists beyond the shower and the dress formal form of the lawyer. However, Cuorio goes beyond the simple representation of strength; it is a complex olfactory work that intertwines the vigorous presence of leather with the surprising lightness of flowery and fruity notes, finally enriched with sweet and vanilla accents that add depth and warmth, symbolizing the heart and soul behind the fighter's facade.

This perfume is therefore an olfactory narration that speaks of contrasts and harmonies, of battles and personal victories, a journey through the facets of the human being who fights, loves and lives with intensity. Cuorio di Jupilò is more than a fragrance; it is a tribute to a life lived with passion, an invitation to discover the profound influence that experiences and memories can have on our being, leaving a visceral and indelible trace, just like the smell of leather on a skin that has fought courageously.

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