• Headnote: Sorrento Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot, Brazilian Orange

  • Heart note: White Peach, Yellow Peach, Cassis

  • Footnote: Atlas cedar, Indonesian patchouli, Indian sandalwood

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In naval jargon, the "eyes of hawse" indicate the hole located in the bow area of ​​the ship, through which both the anchor chain and the mooring lines pass. The hawseboxes were present since ancient times, used by the Romans on the "luggers", i.e. small sailing ships used both to transport people and to fish in the area of ​​the upper Adriatic Sea. Around the hawseboxes, the holes where the anchor chains pass, concentric circles were painted, which recalled the shape of the eyes. These eyes were drawn on the prow of the boat as it was thought that the eyes could guide the boat and the navigation along the right routes, dodging pitfalls and dangers. This tradition has been handed down over time to the present day. In our Catholic hometown, land of the sea, to remember and celebrate these ancient seafaring traditions, the eyes of Cubia have become the emblem of the city. Cubia is an apotropaic symbol of good luck, to protect the vessel, wishing luck and prosperity to sailors. Even our creation, which is inspired by this ancient lucky charm, embodies the magical power of good luck. The opulent emotion of feeling happy, because by inhaling its scents all the strength of the sweetness of the protection of a supernatural hand that protects and pampers us is released. The fragrance opens with a citrus bouquet, where Sorrento Lemon and Calabrian Bergamot echo, embraced by Brazilian Orange. This sparkling top rests on the sweet taste of Pesche di Romagna counterpointed by the pungent scent of Blackcurrant. The sweet and opulent composition bases its foundations on precious and very rare woods such as the famous Atlas Cedar, coming from North Africa, embraced by the seductive power of Indonesian Patchouli and Indian Sandalwood. The Cubia fragrance will envelop you in an aura of sweet protection, just like the vessels of our Sea.

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