Carved oud
  • Headnote: Oud

  • Heart note: Gaiac wood, Cedar

  • Footnote: Patchouli, Musk

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Solah Shringar is a 16-step ritual to prepare royal women for public appearances.
The Indian royal family was seen as somewhere between man and God and this ritual adornment with perfume and jewels created something akin to a superhuman presence.
The name itself derives from the design and decoration of the temples and the image of women, once decorated, as perfect sculpted goddesses.
A unique Oud wood was selected from South India, one of the highest quality Oud oils, both angular and nervous. THE SCENT: The unique Oud wood of South India, edgy and slightly nervous, dictates this heavenly scent.
The main note blends beautifully with cedarwood and guaiac. In the light notes, a pure patchouli and sunny vetiver add depth and warmth, polished by a soft and temperate musk. Keratin - Strengthening with rebuilding proteins, the powerful hydrating properties are the perfect antidote to summer frizz.
Moroccan Argan Oil - Moisturizing the scalp and hair, the oil will also add a subtle shine.
Honeyquat - This is a gem of an ingredient. A honey-based quaternized conditioner that, as a natural humectant, binds moisture to the hair for easy absorption.
It actually has twice the moisturizing capacity of vegetable glycerin!
The ultimate travel companion, the hair fragrance is a practical yet glamorous addition to any fragrance wardrobe.

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