Blanc De Prestige

Blanc De Prestige

Blanc De Prestige

  • Headnote: White Rose, Bergamot

  • Heart note: Champagne, Jasmine, Violet, White Pepper, White Grapes

  • Footnote: Musk, Cashmere Wood and Cedar Wood

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Blanc De Prestige by Jupilò is a fragrance that opens with graceful and romantic notes, evoking the image of vast flowery horizons, ready to capture the essence of pristine beauty and infinity. This perfume is a tribute to the French Champagne region, famous for the production of the most prestigious and refined sparkling wines in the world. With its composition, Blanc De Prestige invites you on a unique olfactory journey, a journey that explores the delicacy and elegance of Blanc De Blanc champagne, a symbol of exclusivity and refinement.

The heart and base of this fragrance pulsate with intense passions, reflecting the depth and complexity of high-end sparkling wines. Blanc De Prestige manages to capture the essence of luxury and French winemaking tradition, transforming it into an unparalleled olfactory experience. Its structure is designed for those who appreciate refined details and for those who seek a symbol of status and style in the fragrance.

Like the meticulous and accurate process required for the production of Blanc De Blanc champagne, the creation of Jupilò 's Blanc De Prestige is also the result of a careful selection of ingredients and a skilful balance between the various notes. This perfume is intended for those who want to completely immerse themselves in the sensation of exclusivity and beauty that only Champagne can offer, making it the ideal companion for unforgettable moments.

Blanc De Prestige by Jupilò is not simply a fragrance; it is an expression of luxury, an invitation to celebrate the pleasures of life with elegance and style. With each spray, the door opens to a world of refined sensory experiences, where the passion for beauty and tradition blend into an unforgettable olfactory memory.

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